This is the homework blog for 11th Grade Calculus I with Mrs. Michaels at Scottsdale Preparatory Academy. I will make a new post for each week, and will link any documents which may be useful. If you have questions regarding a homework assignment, you can email me at rmichaels@scottsdaleprep.org or you can speak with me during high-school Lyceum.


Q4 Week 9

5/14/18:  Study for Chain Rule Applications Quiz tomorrow.

5/15/18:  Begin review problems for Chain Rule Test.  [Chain Rule Test Review]

5/16/18:  Finish review problems for Chain Rule Test.  [Chain Rule Test Review Solutions]

5/17/18:  Start final exam review problems.  [Final Exam Study Guide]

5/18/18:  Continue final exam review problems.  [Final Exam Review Solutions]

Q4 Week 8

Solutions for HW from last Thursday:  [3.6A HW Solutions]

5/8/18:  Finish “Chain Rule Practice” worksheet  [Chain Rule Practice]  [Chain Rule Practice Solutions]

5/9/18:  Page 167, # 29, 33, 42, 51, 53, 61  [3.6B HW Solutions]

5/10/18:  Finish “Section 3.6C Homework” worksheet  [Section 3.6C HW] [3.6C HW Solutions]

5/11/18:  Finish “Chain Rule Applications” worksheet  [Chain Rule Applications] [Chain Rule Applications Solutions]